Ireland Occasional – Gallarus Oratory

So today we leave Portmagee. It will be missed. One more early morning walk around the place.

Crab pots – 5:30 AM.

Later in the day it was off to one of my MUST DO sites in Ireland, the Gallarus Oratory. It has stood for over 1000 years, virtually undamaged by time. While no mortar was used in the stones, the fit is so precise that it is actually waterproof. It has never been restored because it simply hasn’t needed it. The Oratory, by the way, was an early Christian church.

The Gallarus Oratory

Not too far from the Oratory stands the ruins of Kilmalkedar Church. Another ancient building that had to be seen. While the main church is younger than the Gallarus Oratory the site has a number of artifacts that are as old. Those include a sundial, and a giant stone cross, each of which predates the church building by a number of centuries.

Ireland Occasional – Gallarus Oratory

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